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“Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?”

My writing has been published in media both print and Internet, including pieces in Birmimgham Weekly, WELD, Private Air and Mental_floss magazines, and online for RevolutionSF.com and Spin.  I’m an award-winning screenwriter (Muckfuppet, 2005 Sidewalk SideWrite short screenplay grand prize).  I also carry in my bag of tools a painful amount of experience writing and editing white papers, technical essays, and how-to guides — all information technology related. 

I’ve spent the past 25-plus years playing guitar, piano, and anything else I can drown in the mix so people don’t realize how not-so-great I am.  I’ve played with Eric McGinty, Chance Shirley, and Carlos Pino in the Exhibit(s) since 2003. Prior to that, I played with other local acts like Lunasect and Full Moon Blanket, and recorded my own precursor to emo (there’s an implied joke there, but I’m too lazy to expound on it). I’ve also worked on scores and soundtracks to independent films (Seven Year Switch, Hide & Creep), and even got myself on a nationally released disc (Anyone Can Play Radiohead, which inspired one reviewer to write, “…it takes the soul out of the songs that are the soundtrack to my life…”; my only response is muffled guffawing).

And then there’s the film work — I’ve written a number of short- and feature-length screenplays, including The Beauty of Distance (which was a finalist in the 2000 Sidewalk screenplay competition) and Muckfuppet (see bragging, above). I’ve done the aforementioned scoring.  I’ve worked with Chance Shirley on Hide and Creep (mostly audio work, though all of us involved in that movie did a little of everything) and Interplanetary. I’ve done 48 hour “scramble” shorts, and shorts with human amounts of production time.

Most aren’t worth mentioning. But the experience, that’s what counts, right?

I have a limited experience with design for print, having worked for a short time for Birmingham Weekly, and with designer Jessica Grant on odds and ends for some print advertising.  I also spent a few years back in the nineties (back when PhotoShop was still identified with numbers, and Quark XPress was a known entity) designing CD and cassette (remember those?) packages for local bands as part of my work with TapeSouth.

Much more extensive is my work designing and developing for the Web.  I try desperately to avoid designing for Internet sites, though a year spent doing nothing but CSS and learning architecture theory at the side of Dimitri Glazkov has given me a solid footing in the arena.  My strength lies in front-end development for the web, with an emphasis on scalability, user-friendliness, and other “best-practices”.  Since 1997, I’ve worked on sites for major universities (including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the UAB Health System, Clarion University, and the University of New Haven), as well as numerous smaller sites for photographers Beth Maynor Young and Robert Farley, Birmingham Weekly, rap label Greenhill Dynasty, non-profits organizations such as AIDS Alabama and American Helping Hands, and local musicians like Stuart McNair and Lavalamp. I’ve also served as a consultant for countless (okay, only countless if you’re lazy or if I’m looking to sound important) bloggers and first-time web designers. I currently work at 323 Technology Solutions, making awesome Web-based toys for industrial clients, as well as consultant and freelance work with a number of clients.

Update (May, 2014): I’ve returned to the wonderful world of advertising, doing my front-end development thing for one of the biggest and most regarded agencies in the Southeast. Doing work for big corporate clients while still wearing t-shirts to work and occasionally drinking on the clock is really what I’m meant for, until I’m my own boss. Still playing in bands, writing less, photographing more, building and improving one thing after another. Moo.

As a sidenote, I’ve not linked to any of my work, because large chunks of it are no longer actively online; due to the nature of the web, by the time you read this, the rest of it will probably be gone.  In fact, my blog will probably be self-aware and hiring Martha Stewart to give it a new look.  Ingrate.

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