The art of short humor

Friend and bandmate Eric is (un) fortunate enough to be steadily employed as a music store guy, and if you thought that endless misfired variations of Stairway to Heaven or Eruption were the worst things you’d have to put up with 8 times a day, you’re sadly, sadly mistaken:




See what you’ve been missing at Bailey’s? Miss out no more — Friday night 9/26, 10:30 PM, and much more entertaining because we’ll be a lot more inebriated.

Shameless, shameless pandering…

While we’re certain that the local judges who picked the nominees for the 2007 BAMA awards are intelligent and discerning (and quite possibly on our mailing list), we notice that there’s a certain band in which we play that was left off the list. Not that there aren’t many talented and fun (and quite possibly on our mailing list) musicians deserving of nominations on the ballot, but we feel that any ballot is empty and incomplete without the Exhibit(s) there.

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