About the Dairy

The Dairy was established in 2001, just prior enough to 9/11 that my third entry was about watching the buildings come down just after it happened.  For the next nine years, its shelves were lined with the myraid thoughts of its author — whatever popped out, from fiction to short thoughts to bookmark articles to drunken rambling.

As of April, 2010, the shelves have been streamlined. The focus is now music – live, recorded, performed or experienced.   I’m a performing musician — currently the bassist for The Exhibit(s), with previous stints in Full Moon Blanket, Lunasect, and other Birmingham, Alabama, bands.  I’ve been playing piano and guitar (self-taught) since my early teens.  I’ve worked behind the boards, assisting engineers and producers.  I’ve mixed live sound in clubs.  I’ve seen thousands of live shows, and played hundreds. I’ve written CD reviews and live concert reviews and interviews with Famous Important Music People.

Most importantly, though, I’ve been obsessed with music since I can remember.

Welcome to the Dairy.  Check expiration dates carefully, and beware the occasional shit pile.

(Update, 2/2012: I’m now writing a weekly column over at WELD, as well as the occasional interview and feature with Very Important Musical Types. I’m too lazy to cross-post, so surf over and waste a few minutes.)

(Update, 1/2013: No longer associated with WELD, or any other publication, for that matter. From here out, I’m writing for me, as often [or not] as I feel like, on whatever subject crosses my head. Original posts are in the process of being restored, from day one on. Moo.)

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