Tales of the Coronapocalypse (day – 24? 25?)

Clearly, I’m not terribly motivated to write these days.

I’ve found plenty else to do, mind you — work continues, just from my home office instead of thirty minutes away. Been getting caught up on TV/Netflix, some reading, and maybe most importantly, getting my iTunes library cleaned up (getting rid of albums that I don’t listen to any more — or in many instances never did).

Driving around is surreal — in spite of the beautiful weather, there’s little traffic, and not a whole lot of foot traffic. Maybe people are finally staying isolated? Ha.

Apparently, instead of the pandemic bringing everyone together, we’re politicizing it. In other news, water is stupid and people are wet.

The more I sit here and try to come up with something poetic and meaningful, the more depressing this is. So I’m going back to iTunes to continue the great musical cull of 2020.