25 random songs

Putting my iTunes into random mode, here’s what I get (and keep in mind that I have my entire music collection, 112+ GB, loaded in here, so this is a complete “random” sampling”):

  1. The Room of Oracles (Harold Budd, The Room)
  2. Afraid (David Bowie, Heathen)
  3. Will We Remain (Cloudscape, Crimson Skies)
  4. The Rumble (Steve Vai, Archives Vol IV)
  5. The Trial (Pink Floyd, The Wall)
  6. My Redemption, Your Demise (Lamb of God, As the Palaces Burn)
  7. Fuel Injection Stingray (Marty Friedman, Live in Europe)
  8. Seventh Wave (Devin Townsend, Ocean Machine)
  9. What Once Was… (Billy Sheehan, Compression)
  10. For Good (Aeon Spoke, Above the Buried Cry)
  11. Numb (Portishead, Dummy)
  12. Section 17 (Suitcase Calling) (The Polyphonic Spree, Together We’re Heavy)
  13. Flying High Again (Ozzy Osbourne, Diary of a Madman)
  14. Teaching Mathematics Again (James Horner, A Beautiful Mind OST)
  15. Lost Souls (Doves, Lost Souls)
  16. My Fairy King (Queen, Queen)
  17. All The Wild Horses (Ray Lamontagne, Trouble)
  18. High (Ambeon, Fate of a Dreamer)
  19. Part of Me (Chris Cornell, Scream)
  20. Pretty Woman (Van Halen, Diver Down)
  21. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles, White Album)
  22. Strange Ritual (David Byrne, David Byrne)
  23. D.O.A. (Van Halen, II)
  24. ! (Foreward) (Pain of Salvation, Hereafter)
  25. Milliontown (Frost*, Milliontown)

Apropos, of course, of absolutely shit, unless you want to pull a Freud and figure out everything you never cared about me from it.

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