I have to agree — as much as I don’t want to, I have to agree that it’s time to let the system do its job in determining the guilt or innocence of Larry Langford.  I don’t want to because I feel in my gut that he’s guiltyguiltyguilty, and it’s the kind of innocent victimless crime that has an entire city as it’s victim.

Innocent until proven guilty, and all that.

But then I look at some of the people in this city, and think that maybe we deserve to be victimized, either by being bankrupted by those we elected, or maybe just collectively ear raped with a multiheaded syphillitic demoncock:

“It’s like they’re a lynching mob. Langford is doing a lot of positive things for the city, and it’s kind of like what they did to (Richard) Scrushy or (former Gov. Don) Siegelman,” said the 50-year-old Jenkins, who lives in Hoover. “They’re trying to do good things and they’ve got the cards stacked against them.”

Hey, moron: Scrushy and Siegelman were found guilty, and put in jail.  Because they committed crimes, thinking (just like so many others in the past decade) that their wealth and influence put them above the laws that the rest of us average-salaried schleps have to obey. And really — what cards are stacked against them?  The ace of greed?  The queen of elitist thinking?

There are too many floaters in the gene pool, and I’m fairly sure that most of them are not disguised tasty Snickers bars.