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As we sit at our desks, programming our websites or writing our magazine articles or doing our homework, the world keeps turning, and 32 people are fatally shot at a school in West Virginia before the killer turns the gun on himself. We pick through every shred of evidence, tangential or not, trying to pinpoint what video games or music or law passed by the other side is to blame. We eat up media time with every new development, speculating without having the full picture, blaming anyone that seems to fit our idea of the bad guy. If he’s Korean, then by god all you Orientals are under the suspicious eye. And hey, aren’t most Koreans Muslim, anyway? Continue reading

The face of my greatest fear…….part 2

There’s an even better one here that demonstrates what all dogs look like in my eyes. Yes, even your little shitbag chihuahua looks exactly like that. Why do you people insist on bringing your evil, evil demon hounds anywhere near me?

Sure, you insist that they’re really nice, and loveable, and cute. But I’m convinced that pictures like these are taken just before Cerebus there swallows your beloved offspring in one quick and simple gulp.

Originally uploaded by Yankees Man, who takes a helluva photo.