American Idolatry

Why am I watching this? Why? It’s not unlike a car wreck, where you’re horrified but part of you wants to see how bad it was, or maybe if someone you know is involved. Or porn, in the same ways.

And why are the losers reacting so violently? I can understand disappointment — we’ve all been in competition for something, and it’s a tremendous letdown to not win. It’s not the end of the world, it’s not death, it’s not anything worth crying about. The people that make it through to the very end and then lose? Okay, you’ve worked hard, and it certainly sucks more the closer to the finish line you fall. Been there, too.

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Continuing a week of stealing from promoting other people’s sites:

I really hate zealots — really, really hate them. Can’t stand listening to them. I lose any valid points they might make in the blathering invective they spew.

This includes the Mac zealots — the ones who insist that PCs suck, and that Macs are better, period. PCs have no good use. Macs blow them out of the water. Macs are, in fact, the second coming of Christ and would, in fact, walk on water and heal the sick if only they had arms and legs — something I hear might be announced at next year’s MacWorld.

And I thought about writing something like this for about a year now, only Sarah did it better than me.

I dream of a follow up to the surgery commercial where it’s three years down the road and the PC is going back in for another upgrade and the Mac says goodbye, very sad. And the PC says, “Mac? It’s okay. I’ll see you in a couple hours.”

And Mac says, “No, you won’t. They’ve got some new standards for me, so I won’t be coming back.”

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