The changing landscape of the music business

A few years back, with the advent of peer-to-peer networks, it began: the paradigm shift of the entertainment business. The ability to digitize (and, with a high-speed network, share) music, movies, books, and TV shows has drastically affected (or not, depending on whose data and statistical analyses you choose to believe) the financial end of artists, management, and studios producing these forms of entertainment (and others).

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Third time’s a charm

Spiff and I sat talking at the bar the other night — about marriage, among other things. He and his RHC are coming up on one year of dating, and they’ve naturally talked about the prospects of getting hitched somewhere along the line. He asked if CL and I had talked about it, what I thought of the idea.

And I know I’ve written about it here — somewhere — before, because I distinctly remember contradicting myself at least once or twice. And I’ll probably do so again, right here, right now.

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Sixty years on…

For all my ability to empathize with other people, there are a lot of things that I can’t understand. The attraction to bondage, S&M, or shoe fetishes, for instance.

Yeah, I’m watching the Betty Page movie. It’s CL’s fascination, not mine (I should note for the people that know her that she — at least to her admission — doesn’t get the bondage or shoe thing, either, those she does have a huge collection of twink magazines).

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