Aside from the fact that, two and a half years in, I have no excuse NOT to have learned the bassline to the song so that the Exhibit(s) can once again cover Billy Joel…

I’m not entirely sure why it is that some people I know are so susceptible to pressure from their peers and society in general, and why I’m not. Which is to say, I know why I’m okay with ignoring people’s opinions, and I know that learning to not care what people think is a long road to walk when you’ve spent your whole life living by other people’s standards.

But some of my friends seem content to change themselves, or to do or not do things based not on what they want but what is expected of them.

And on that note, parenthetically, I’m not cutting my hair anytime soon, because windy days like today feel good. Do I need more reason? Fuck, I don’t even really need that reason, do I? Nope.

People’s opinions of me don’t change a thing. And the things about me that they have opinions about — hair, dress, tattoos, jewelry, music, movies, whatever — don’t really affect them one bit. Do I offend? Maybe, but I guarantee that at the end of the day, nothing has changed because of it.

And this is what makes me happy, this being me thing. It’s not easy to be yourself, especially when yourself runs contrary to the flock.

But it’s not like I’m carving swastikas into my forehead, or wearing GOD HATES FAGS shirts, or berating women at the top of my lungs, or anything else. In fact, I’m possibly the most live and let live guy you’ll ever meet.

I’m just a little different. Probably partialyl to stand out from the crowd, sure, but also because it makes me comfortable to look and be the way I do and am.

You do your thing, I’ll do mine. If you ever start hurting me, I’ll let you know. You do the same.

Just mae sure you’re not crying wolf, or I’ll be quick to respond. Or maybe even hand you a band-aid.

Sometimes it’s best to not think. Sometimes it’s best to not do.

Full moon Friday came and went, and turned into a decent enough day. Met up with Andrew after work for some video golf — not one of my better outings, thanks to a terrible back nine. I went into the back half of the course at 6 under, which is about what I hoped for; it was all downhill from there, and I finished at 8 over.

Yes, even in the computer world, I’m about as athletic as my telephone.

Met up with Heather for drinks, first at Bailey’s, celebrating their anniversary (we split before it got too crowded, though it was fairly packed, even at 11), and then to the Quest to meet up with Andrew and Julie and friends. A few rounds of pool and a lot of alcohol later, the night came to a close. Very good company, indeed. A good portent of things to come, perhaps and hopefully…

And now today I’m at work, not terribly happy about it. Covering my ass for some bad communication — too many steps in the workflow means too many chances for assumptions and ball dropping.

Off to hang out with my folks’ dog and try to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. A few errands, a little Wal-Mart, and perhaps a car wash before I drop in on the guys in GCW tonight to say hi.

And I wish I had completed my post yesterday (Thursday was filled with much more than just Batman), but I’m kinda glad I didn’t; best, perhaps, to just let some things go and hope they don’t come back.

Batman Begins… about fucking time!

Saw my first movie of the summer.  Oh, sure, technically, SWIII: George Lucas Raped My Childhood was in the summer.  But I didn�t see that so much as sit through it to complete the nightmare.  No� last night was BATMAN BEGINS. The comic book junkie in me was VERY impressed: the story details and atmosphere found a nice groove somewhere between the Golden Age Batman and some of the more modern writing.  Nice nods here and there to little details from the Batman universe (mentions of Zsasz and Arkham Asylum, for instance).  Gary Oldman�s Jim Gordon is spot on perfect � amazing to see Oldman play someone not creepy.  Michael Caine is a great Alfred, Liam Neeson played a great tweener villain, and Christian Bale is amazing as Wayne/Batman (really, two characters by the end).

The score by Hans Zimmer was amazing � a nice return to Ziimer�s dark strengths.  The cinematography in Gotham was great � like a nightmare version of Chicago, but not at all Goth-y like Tim Burton�s version. And for the most part, Christopher Nolan really nailed the job; I think he�s the perfect director for Batman, as he�s not a cartoon superhero as much as a psychological symbol in light and shadow.  BUT� man, someone else needs to co-direct with Nolan next time, only on the fight sequences.  There was one moment that the chaotic mess was appropriate, but for the most part, the fights were an on-screen clusterfuck.  Not that I could have done better, especially given some of the scenes, but they really needed a more experienced touch.

I�m now hesitant to go see another movie � I think I�m just going to let the summer end on a good note.

More art reflecting my life

“I’ve got your problem narrowed down to one of two things. On some level, you’re used to imbalanced women who are going to cause problems to a point where you have the supernatural power to just pick them out of a crowd. That, or you give off pheromones that attract them. Maybe you smell like a delicious drama Twinkie that they can’t wait to suck the creamy life out of.”

To all the girls who think I’m talking about you:

I am.