COLLIDE (by Avery Ellis Exhibit(s), for whom I am now the new bassist):
pt. I
is this what they mean
by ‘losing control’?
it’s gone away,
all i’ve to say
� hip
���� hip
������� hip
i never needed it anyway.
i go up; you come down
we’re a happy merry-go-round
side by side; along for the ride
…and the instant before we
collide…. i catch your eyes
and i face
with an open smile…

pt. II
even as the birds leave the trees
and the leaves change the weather
they come together and sing
the cold brings them apart
with the hope of meeting
new time, same place
next spring
spring forth a new day
we’re free from the old way
it’s better, can’t you tell?
oh well, it seems
the spring has brought a new lover
to the nest…
listen to me: don’t listen to me
even birds of a feather
fly apart


So now I wait for the inevitable car wreck, only now we both have to look two ways, wondering not just how bad it will be but also which of the two cars will hit first. But I’ve also decided that it’s not so important, because I’ve survived many a wreck before, and the pain goes away — what doesn’t kill you makes for big hospital bills, but I’m a thrill seeker — always have been, always will be — and I may as well enjoy the rush that comes before any hit.

Your loss of control over your life and the things and people in it is not as total as you’d like to believe.


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