Is the silence of
this momentary lapse
what I used to see in
you when I was young?
Are we any nearer
to that far place where
me and you became us
now that you can sleep?

Tear my eyes away
from the endless pavement –
another hypnotic moment.
I’ve forgotten what she meant to me.

…i want to see more stars than this…

Is the screaming of
this painful bleeding
what you felt when
I could not stop?
Am I any closer
to that far place where
you and I became one
now that I’m awake?

Tear your eyes away
for one endless moment –
let me bleed in peace.
I’ve forgotten what she meant to me.

there are promises
scattered among half-truths and shadows
there are noises in my head
but everything’s fallen behind



I would like to point out, however, that saving the world is not the only
conditon of heroism. There are many heroic acts that are not so grandiose,
but are truly brave and great in their own right. And there are people out
there who notice those who perform those acts and consider them very much
heroes. I think you have everything you need inside of you to be a hero and
I don’t think that you have to fuck it up either. Stop trying to perpetuate
that prophesy of failure you have established for yourself.

-MRB, 3/16/03